"There’s a million ways to be brave."

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6.7.14 - @taylorswift and @taylorswift13: taylor swift’s twitter/instagram updates for the 4th of July

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Ed sheeran + written out lyrics

Title: inside harry styles' mind

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His character development was actually one of my favorites even though he only had about 5 minutes of total screen time. For the longest time I thought he was an ass that didn’t really care about her or the baby, and then you see that it’s not true at all.

She had that conversation with him about how he had to talk to her all the time. He took it to heart, as you can see. He came back and was talking, a lot!


Can we please just talk about the fact that in the middle of the interview, right after ed finished playing ‘Lego House’, the interviewer started crying because of his song? This is by far one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. I mean, how the way of Ed singing, the meaning of his lyrics, the passion that he put when he performs can get people, and make them cry.

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